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Dean's equity - Request for Dean’s chance exam

Request for taking up a subject in different language

General request for studies related issues

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Request for late passivation

Request for late course registartion

Request for dropping a registered course

Instruction period

Announcements regarding the semester start - SPRING semester of the academic year 2020/2021

Forms concerning tuition fee payment

request for reduction in amount - based on number of credits taken

request for reduction in amount - based on academic achievement (scholarship)

request for delayed payment for economic reasons

request for delayed payment due to student loan

request for reduction in amount - based on social needs

Request for payment return

Exam period

Information on the exam period - FALL semester of 2020/2021

Exam course FAQ

Recommendation on examinations for students

Declaration of consent regarding online exams

Information on the extraordinary exam period - 2020/2021 ...