Feedback Committee

Student Evaluation of Teaching Committee is managing Student Evaluation of Teaching Survey (Hungarian abbreviation OMHV) as a key and formal source of feedback, collection and analysis of student feedback in higher education. Student Evaluation of Teaching  is a mirror, a reflection that examines its implementation at the professor level from another perspective of educational actors and aims to improve education. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that it does not reflect the quality of education but its judgment.

The results of the Student Evaluation of Teaching (data on courses and professors' opinions, completion and trends) provide essential data for the Quality Management and Performance Evaluation Systems introduced and continuously operated by the Faculty, based on which it is necessary to draw lessons and implement the formulated measures at faculty and institute level. Student feedback on faculty work provides a good basis for developing the work of subjects and faculty, and for reviewing curriculum networks. In addition, it can increase the quality of the overall educational well-being of student welfare. Our motto is: "Be the teacher you always wish you had!"