Registrar's Office of Faculty of Pharmacy



I hereby inform you that due to the epidemiological situation, from March 18, 2020 the Registrar’s Office will be operating by home office till an uncertain period of time. Customer service in person is suspended, staff can be contacted by e-mail and phone at the contact details provided by the Registrar’s Office website (’s Office/Staff), or at the following central email address and phone:, or +36-30/873-4913.

The colleagues of the Registrar’s Office will be available by e-mail and phone during the usual working hours (Monday-Thursday 7:30-16:00, Friday 7:30-13:30).

We kindly ask for your understanding and patience with the introduction of the new system. We strive to keep all our functions running smoothly and to ensure the highest quality of our work.

Kind regards,

Registrar’s Office staff


Registrar: Ms. Bernadett POTOS
Address: 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.
Mailing address: 7624 Pécs, Szigeti út 12.
Phone: +36-30-873-4913