Undergraduate Research Society


Chairwoman: Dr. Györgyi Horváth, habil. associate professor
Address: 7624 Pécs, Rókus u. 2. (Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy)
Telephone: 72/ 503-650 / 28823 extension
E-mail: horvath.gyorgyi@gytk.pte.hu

What is Undergraduate Research Society? (Tudományos Diákkör - TDK)

Our Undergraduate Research Society (TDK) is one of the most important scientific achievements for the Faculty of Pharmacy and the University of Pécs. Pharmacy TDK students can participate directly in the research work of different Departments belonging to Health Sciences (e.g. Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical School). The students of TDK will be able to present the results of their work at local TDK conferences and national and international events. The results of the TDK work can contribute to the successful completion of a pharmacist's thesis or dean's competition for students’ research society essays as well as a good basis for a successful and effective postgraduate (PhD) work.

TDK work is not only a challenge for the student, but also for the supervisor of the topic. It is a persistent and responsible work. In many cases, the importance of collaborative work does not lie in producing new research results, but in learning about the work of an institute, a department or a narrower range of specialized pharmacy disciplines, learning methods and developing critical thinking and problem solving.

Our students often ask when TDK is worth getting started. This mostly depends on the difficulty of the subject. It is advisable to look at the topics published by the institutes and the departments and to start from the second year of age and to find the supervisor at the latest at the beginning of the third year. Topics can also be found on the website of the institutes, helping our students to quickly find them.

The members of the TDK Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy (GYTK) maintain close co-operation with members of the TDK Committee of the Medical School (ÁOK). The TDK work of our students is in many cases realized through the collaboration with Medical Institutes and Clinics.