News for students - Friday, 8 September, 2017

University of Pécs Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service provides support for overcoming difficulties occuring in everyday life and acquiring harmony, balance and a sense of well-being.

Student Counselling is considered an invaluable service within the University of Pecs. Its primary objective is to provide students with professional, discreet and responsive psychological counselling. The service is intended to offer counselling to students enrolled in the English language programme and seeks to render professional assistance to students struggling with a plethora of challenges and difficulties evolving from potential changes and upheavals in their personal lifestyles and studies. Our service can aid students seeking professional aid who express control of their routine lifestyle yet are faced with temporary obstacles which seemingly they are not best equipped to solve on their own initiative. The service is free of charge and guarantees complete discretion.

Members of the counselling service staff are professionally trained psychologists and psychotherapists with practical experience.


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