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With Erasmus in Pécs

Experiences of a 3rd year pharmacy student at the University of Pécs


              First of all, I chose Hungary because I used to think about applying for college here and I did not want to miss the experience of learning in Hungary. 

I chose the University of Pécs since it has a high reputation. It was very attractive that Pécs is a culturally acknowledged city that gifted us with great artists. Thus, it was no question I would apply here, and I can tell that I was not let down.

              In the beginning, the subjects seemed hard- to be honest, the reason could have been that I people always told me how challenging hungarian colleges are- but in a few weeks I picked up the pace. Also,  my expectations regarding education were exceeded. The University of Pécs gave me a strong base to build on in the following years. What I liked the most was that the subjects I found the most important were the most challenging.

              From the social perspective, my colleagues were very helpful, kind so I made some really great friends. We went to the Balaton, which was amazing. Also, I was lucky enough to get to visit Croatia and Slovenia as weekend trips.

              At Pécs there are many nice places such as Széchenyi Square, Tv tower, Uránia Cinema, Zsolnay Museum and many others. The architecture is imposing. In case you are a nature lover there are several trip routes in Mecsek Mountains. Or in case you like to do sports there is Tüskésréti Runway which really is beautiful. There are also a few great gyms such as Life1 or CrossFactory.

              During my stay I met  a few difficulties like the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, but eventually all turned out well for me. I can not express how great it has been that I came here with my boyfriend, in those difficult times it was an enormous help to be in quarantine with him and not by myself. Therefore, I would recommend all students to go on adventures like this with company.

              Despite the huge changes in the world the university adapted quickly to the new situation and Erasmus office contacted us several times to make sure we are alright. The university made a very good decision not postponing the exam period, I am really grateful for that. There were some great advantages of online classes: we could listen to them later, our days were more time-efficient. It is important to mention that the teachers were very understanding of the situation and the problems it caused us and worked very hard to provide us with useful educational materials.

              I am more than happy for being able to do the research for my thesis here, at the Department of Pharmacology. It has been a great experience professionally and personally as well.  Teachers and PhD students were very kind, it was a very pleasant working environment.

              The things I did not like much were the price of apartments, the way bus chauffeurs drive.

              Overall, it was a terrific experience and if I had to choose I would choose the University of Pécs again. The education was really great, I made a lot of friends, I went through a major professional and personal change. I highly recommend the University of Pécs.

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