8 March 2021

Recent events have once again highlighted our vulnerability. Although vaccination has begun, the virus has also appeared in new forms. Although most mutations do not substantially affect the characteristics of the virus, unfortunately there are mutations that increase the infectivity of the virus and / or the severity of the disease they cause. Their spread has contributed to the rise in the number of diseases again.

It is therefore important to highlight two factors that are essential in the defence.

Adherence to physical distancing and hygiene rules, especially wearing a mask, remains essential.

Masks wear out over time, depending on the type. Regular replacement or cleaning, if the masks are suitable for cleaning, is also essential.

Vaccines should be taken in a disciplined manner by those who register. If we were called to appear, make sure to be there on time. In addition to the confusion caused by the lack of appearance, there may be a problem with the use of the vaccines as well.

If there are no objective obstacles, I recommend that everyone apply for vaccination!

It is unfortunate that several communications, which are dilettante and have some kind of ulterior motive are spreading that are against vaccination. All vaccines introduced in Hungary are effective. Seize the opportunity!

I am confident that it will be easier after the coming weeks and then we will get rid of the threat posed by the virus.

However, YOUR contribution to it is essential.

Finally, I would like to thank the hard work of all those who administer the vaccines. I thank the healer-diagnostic colleagues for their perseverance. I am grateful that almost all our instructors and staff members stand their ground as well! I thank the students for the help we have received from them, which will continue to be needed!

Wishing everyone good health:

your Rector,

Dr. Attila Miseta