Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Director: Dr. Pál Perjési, Full professor
Address: 7624, Pécs, Rókus utca 2
Mailing address: 7601 Pécs, Pf.: 99
Phone: 00 36 72 503-626
Fax: 00 36 72 503-627

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established on January 1, 2002 on the basis of the decisions of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs on November 21, 2001, and of the PTE Senate on December 13, 2001. The circumstances in which the Institute was set up clearly defined its main function. As one of the essential institutes of pharmacy education, it is responsible for teaching Pharmaceutical Chemistry in undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy education.

The establishment of the permanent seat of the Institute could not commence until October 2003. Between August 2002 and October 2003, the Institute received temporary accommodation in the University Pharmacy to handle its administrative affairs and some educational duties. Practical training i of Pharmaceutical Chemistry started in September 2002, in an educational laboratory of the Vocational Secondary School of Chemistry.

The Vocational Secondary School moved out of the Rókus Street building at the end of August 2003. The staff of the Institute occupied the ground floor premises of the building in early November 2003 as the permanent seat of the Institute. Since November 2003 the Institute's research laboratories were established and research representing the newly established institute was also started.