Hungarian Student Union - Student Office - UP Faculty Of Pharmacy


Address: 7624 Pécs, Rókus utca 2. K Building 314

Student Union - Student office


Dear Student!

The Student Union of the Faculty of Pharmacy (HÖK) has been founded in 2016.

Our main goals to represent our students to the maximum extent, communicate with the faculty’s directorate and organise free time programs.

We are competent in any student affair. You may seek us with questions concerning your education, accomodation or the everyday’s student life.

You may contact us via our e-mail adress, or the foreign affairs representative.

Best Regards,

Student Union

The Union’s office is closed for restoration


Common e-mail:

 Nmar Klaudia Fatima





 Shubail Sarah

 Vice president




 Pocsai Dóra Léna

 Representative for Studies and Education


 Takács Titanilla

 Representative for programe organizing


 Amir Reza Ashraf

 Representative for foreign relations