Hungarian Student Union - Student Office - UP Faculty Of Pharmacy

The Student Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy (PTE GYTK SC) is responsible for helping the students with study problems and for representing their rights. The SC is also the organizer of the programmes, such as quiz nights, pharmacy student’s evenings, balls and educational programmes.

The president of the SC is Nmar Klaudia Fatima, whose deputy is Shubail Sarah, the vice-president of our organization. The SC also has three referents: Takács Titanilla who’s responsible for organizing the programmes; Pocsai Dóra Léna, who can help you with all kind of study problems (Code of Studies and Examinations, Code of Charges and Benefits, etc.); Gara Bella, who is the representative  for foreign relations, so she keeps in touch with the English programme students.

If you have any questions or if you need help, just contact us personally or online. 

Opening hours

Monday 9-15:30
Tuesday 9-15:30
Wednesday 9-15:30
Thursday 9-15:30
Friday 10-14
Lunch break M-F: 12-12:30