Why Pécs?

Pécs is a beautiful place to study. Not only because it is simultaneously a friendly village and a very active city, in which you never have to be bored. Because 30.000 students are studying here you can be sure you will find everything that a student could wish.

Students of the University of Pécs with the view to the Cathedral and the TV-tower

Beside the modern infrastructure that provides the best opportunities to study a huge amount of cultural programs, locals, concerts and free time activities are waiting for you.

A bit of history

Pécs is historically a multicultural city, many sorts of people came here during its 2000 years of existence. Fortunately every nation left here its footprint so you can have an extraordinary history lesson by walking through the streets.

Student of the University of Pécs in front of the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre

Do not miss the most famous of all, the Cella Septichora (Szent István square) Visitor Centre from the early Christian times, which is part of the World Heritage since the year 2000. Beside that many historical buildings can be found from the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. One of the most well known of these buildings is the mosque of Ghazi Kasim pasha at the main square , which today functions as a Roman Catholic church.

Pécs, Széchenyi square - http://varoslako.pecs.hu/res/img/0828/

The Ruins in Tettye are telling the story of the renaissance. Unfortunately the palace did not remain here anymore but it is an ideal place to take a romantic walk among the ruins, especially at night when you can have a magical view at the whole city.

The Zsolnay legend

Main building of the post in Pécs, with a Zsolnay roof - http://pecs2u.eu/wp-content/gallery/g41_berta/thumbs/thumbs_zsolnay.jpg

Pécs lives together with the legend of the Zsolnay family. Vilmos Zsolnay founded the Zsolnay manufacture, one of the most exclusive porcelain producing company of Hungary. The biggest secret of the company is about the “eosin” this very special multi-coloured, iridescent reduced glaze. The original recipe is of the eosin is unknown, maybe it will be found somewhere in a secretive corner of the town. In addition it is worth to look on the roof of the houses, because many of them have Zsolnay pyrogranite on it. Moreover you can visit the Zsolnay Museum (Pécs Káptalan street 2) or have a look at the Zsolnay Fountain (on the Széchenyi square) or the Zsolnay statue(on the corner of Rákóczi and Szabadság street) and hopefully the Zsolnay factoryand the Zsolnay Mausoleum will be ready to welcome guests soon.


Student of the University of Pécs in the Botanical Garden

Because of the unique locality of Pécs you simply cannot get lost in the city. If you go down from the hill sooner or later you will find the city centre. But if you are willing to spend some time in the untroubled nature, all you have to do is to go up the hill.

The Mecsek hill which is surrounding Pécs is a harmonic place to go during the whole year. On the top of it you will find the TV-tower, with a restaurant and an amazing city view. Who is willing to find the nature inside the city must go to the Botanical Garden of the University (Ifjúság street 6). It is a little island of harmony within the civilization.

Who would like to meet with live animals should visit the zoo (on the Misina hill) or the Aquarium-terrarium (Munkácsy Mihály street 31).

MuseumsPécs, Vasarely statue - Wikipedia, Op Art

It should not make you a headache where to go to visit a museum because much of them are located in the Museum street. The one I really commend to see is the Vasarely museum, which building was the one-time house of the Vasarely family. Seeing these pictures is a unique experience for your senses. Currently the museum is closed but the re-opening is expected in this summer.

If you walk to the next door you can find the Csontváry Musem. Csontváry Győző has become famous for his painting “Lonely cedars”. He is also a worldwide known Hungarian painter.

The Szerecsen Chemist's Museum (Apáca street 1.) is a very interesting sight to visit recommended not only for pharmacy students. It still operates as a chemist’s since 1897.

Free time

Students of the University of Pécs in the Király street

Unfortunately the National Theatre has not many plays in English, but it is worth going there just for the beautiful building from the 19th century. However, the ballet is international and Pécs has the first modern ballet company of Hungary. The association has already danced around the globe. And there is the Janus University Theatre (Szántó Kovács János street 1) also with enjoyable plays, starring with students.

As Pécs is the European Capital of Culture in 2010 numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other programs are waiting for the visitors.

I wanted to give a short outline what to do and where to go when you are in Pécs. But just reading about it is not enough, so walk through these places, observe the city from your point of view and enjoy Pécs as it is!

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