Post-graduate training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

Pharmacist Post-graduate training (GYOFTEX)

For pharmacists who are required to undertake continued training, completion of such training is a condition for inclusion in the register of healthcare professionals and for having a valid Operational Registration to be able to practice as a pharmacist. The University Professional and Continuing Education Units shall keep a record of the completion of continuing education and the conditions to be fulfilled in five-year cycles and notifies the operational registration body.

Applicants are advised to apply to the higher education institution of their choice with the operational registration number they have obtained.

Registration will lead to inclusion in the " GYOFTEX" register, Pharmacist colleagues can monitor their points on GYOFTEX, and course organizers can use the site to confirm attendance at continuing education courses and record their points.

Applications for courses can be done online for courses organized by the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy on GYOFTEX or by contacting the course organizers directly. In the latter case, please make sure to provide your Operational Registration number, contact details (mobile number, email address) and billing address to the organizers.

(For further details and application information please visit the Hungarian language version of this page.)

Pharmacy Technician Post-graduate training (SZAFTEX)

University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy offers a compulsory (30-credit) continuing education course for pharmacy technicians requiring post-graduate training.

Further details and application information is available on: