Laszlo Cholnoky College of Advanced Studies

Presidential greeting

Dear members and visitors,

As the second president of the Laszlo Cholnoky College and Advanced Studies, I warmly welcome you to our website.

In November 2015, when I was elected for the President of the college, I worked out the following program plan with my senior colleagues. I would like to implement this plan in order to make our college stand out among the colleges of Pécs.

Dr. Krisztián Kvell


Laszlo Cholnoky College and Advanced Studies


The theoretical and skill based knowledge of pharmacy and biotechnology students are getting close to each other more and more, and a very important frontier knowledge is evolving: pharmaceutical biotechnology. This knowledge is needed for both of basic and applied research / industry and this is the major source of modern medicines. I believe that this frontier, skill based knowledge can be acquired during both the pharmaceutical and biotechnological education. In my opinion, the main task of the Cholnoky László College is to admit pharmacy and biotechnology students to the College based on their talents, diligence and personal skills. Moreover, to support the members to become professional experts in our science with their pharmaceutical biotechnology knowledge, at domestic and international level.

Past and present

My contribution in the life of Cholnoky College was impactful so far.  I hope that the College logo I have edited is a good symbol of the intertwining of pharmacy and biotechnology which is the basis of modern medicine. When the college was established, I created a winning PTE 1% application which contributed to the costs of the opening day of the college. According to my research secretarial role, as a professional moderator, I hope I gave help others to make their presentations run smooth at the Cholnoky-Szentágothai International Conference, at the International Opening Day of the Cholnoky László College and the 1st International Cholnoky Symposium.

I have been present in biotechnology education since the beginning. I have helped a lot of students to write their thesis and to make several Student Researcher’s Society presentations. I am also actively involved in the education of our PhD students, as a supervisor. Although, my relationship with pharmacy students is fresher, I am glad to have some pharmacy students of Student Researcher’s Society. I have several joint research activities with the staff of the faculty.

Last year I managed to establish a close working relationship with the staff of the french IMT Group (Groupe-IMT). The IMT Group is unique in Europe, in the training of advanced professionals for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries which trainings take place in ‘GMP-like’ pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology skill laboratories. A framework agreement / general contract has been signed between PTE and the IMT group, which allows for student mobility.

Future plans

A few weeks ago, state secretary László Palkovics held a presentation at the Szentágothai Research Centre and talked about the National Research and Development Program and the key role of colleges in supplement of traditional (e.g. BSc-MSc-PhD) educational schemes. Part of this is the allocation, a fund worth of HUF 2-3 billion, which provides an opportunity to strengthening the role of the colleges through tenders from 2016. I plan to submit an application to a tender, in the colors of the Cholnoky László College.

The Interreg / IPA Croatian-Hungarian application program has been running successfully for several years, in which a fund for the submission of education-development applications in the amount of EUR 500,000 has been provided since 2016. During the evaluation of the application, the advantage is the coordinated operation of the existing complementary education schemes (BSc-MSc-PhD) with the participation/contribution of Osijek and Pécs, supplemented by College activity. I plan to submit an application to a tender, in the colors of the Cholnoky László College.

In the spirit of student mobility between the IMT Group and PTE, the opportunity is given for five students from 2016 every year to take part in further training in a pharmaceutical technology and / or biotechnology skill laboratory at the IMT Group's headquarters, with the support of PTE. The participants receive a certificate of training. My plan is for the Cholnoky László College to send students to the training opportunity every year, on a scholarship basis.

I wish to encourage all pharmacist and biotechnologist to join us, it is worth it!

Application at e-mail adress by a cover letter.

Dr. Krisztián Kvell


Laszlo Cholnoky College and Advanced Studies