Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

About the Institute

The Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology was established in 2013 and became an Institue in 2017.

Teaching commitment in the gradual Pharmacy program includes the following courses:

  • Basic Immunology
  • Pharmaceutical Applied Immunology  
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Our institute developed the theoretical and practical background for the Biotechnology BSc program that will start in September, 2022. 

Our main courses in the gradual Biotechnology program are as followed:

  • Genetic manipulation I, II
  • Immunology 
  • Molecular biology and gene technology I,II 
  • Pharmaceutical and medical biotechnology

We offer several facultative courses for the students. Our teaching staff participates in postgradual programs for pharmacy (PhD and residency programs), as well as biotechnology graduates (Biotechnology MSc, Biomedical Engineering MSc as well as PhD).

Our colleagues participate in or lead several Hungarian and international research projects. Our goal is to train future graduates to fulfil their academic potential.

Our graduated PhD students

Name of the student Thesis Links
Kovács Tamás Alteration in the Wnt microenvironment directly regulates molecular events leading to pulmonary senescence Thesis

Rapp Judit The role of WNT signaling in the development and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Thesis

Pénzes Hűvös Ágota Identification of a primycin producing industrial bacterial strain and in vitro investigation of the active substance Thesis

Feller Diána Cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary inflammation becomes systemic by circulating etxtracellular vesicles containing WNT5A and inflammatory cytokines Thesis

Ernszt Dávid Molecular mechanisms of thymus aging:
identification of novel target of intervention

ElHusseiny Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelwahab Molecular regulation of lymphangioleiomyomatosis Thesis

Bánfai Krisztina The role of extracellular vesicles in inhibitig thymic aging Thesis

Fülöpné Kiss Edit Study of molecular background of non-small cell lung cancer on cisplatin and erlotinib treatment Thesis

Amina Soltani Characteristics of The Immune and Molecular Microenvironment of The Intra-and Extra Parenchymal Tumors of The Central Nervous System Thesis