Information on the periodical health aptitude test - 2024 spring

Dear Student,



The Centre for Occupational Medicine (hereinafter: GP’s Office) will dispose the periodical health aptitude test in the spring semester between 27th January and 31st March 2024 for those students whose current health aptitude loses its validity during the upcoming spring semester (no later than the last day of the exam period of the spring semester of the academic year 2023/2024, namely by 28th June 2024) or the previous test expired earlier or who have had no previous test at all.


You may check the expiry date of your current health aptitude in Neptun – Studies – Training data – Training section – right side field of „End of health-aptitude test validity”, based on the official data was received from the GP’s Office.


The link for application is available on the website of the Registrar’s Office where you can manage your registration for the spots given by the GP’s Office, from the moment of opening the interface.

  • Date of opening the interface: 23rd January 2024
  • Period of testing: 27th January – 31st March 2024


We would like to call your kind attention to the consequences of not showing up at the examination or being qualified to be „not suitable” or „temporarily not suitable”, which is interdiction from activity in medical work and banning from exam registration for the spring semester of the academic year 2023/2024.


Due to limited number of spots which are provided by the GP’s Office, there is no warranty for that a missed appointment can be made up, therefore we kindly ask you to attend the one you have booked to avoid later hindrance in your study achievement. Also make sure you participate the testing by 31st March 2024 at latest.


We are advising you to make your appointment early in the application period, not on the last weeks, since a warrant cannot be given for that free spots will be available still. For the period of examinations the GP’s Office will provide multiple appointments of the number of students that is reported by the Medical School, therefore a reasoning of lack of spots in the system due to late application cannot be considered and would not exempt from banning exam registration for the exam period.


Furthermore, we call your kind attention to Article 51 (12) of the Code of Studies and Examinations, according to which the student who fails to show up at a previously booked appointment, has to pay fee for the absence.


We would like to highlight that those students who will have no valid health aptitude test by the start of the exam period of the spring semester exam period (with expiry date after the end of the exam period), will be unable to register for exams in Neptun. Therefore, please register for a spot the soonest as possible and show up at the booked appointment.


Sincerely yours,

Registrar’s Office

University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy