Institute of Pharmacy - Research summary

Our department has specialized in the research related to the drug supply chain and pharmacy services, and usually carried out via co-operation with other departments from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical School, the Clinical Center, or other participants of the drug supply chain. Our aim is to identify, understand real life problems in these fields and formulate potential strategies and tools to minimize their impact on patients. We try to increase medication- and patient safety through the drug supply system and optimize medication therapy, latter expression originates from Lajos Botz Professor and is a good and expressive term for our department’s research focus. To reach our goals we work closely with other researchers and usually novel methods, or the combination of various methods are utilized, like analysis of various databases, application of network research and artificial intelligence, analysis of health data collected by direct patient interviews or health data included in the medical system, health records.

1) The investigation and analyzation of illegal internet drug market and counterfeit medicine: assessment of patient and medication safety risks of internet pharmacies, search for different intervention points (development of methods targeting the internet and the population)

2) A complex methodology to assess the toxicological risk of counterfeit medicine, illegal health products and uncontrolled sale and consumption of dietary supplements

3) The screening and assessment of drug-drug and drug-supplement interactions and the evaluation of potential factors influencing the safety and efficacy of novel biological, or targeted therapies

4) The identification of reasons and risks behind drug shortages and the optimization of data collection strategies and other potential solutions