News from the Dean - Monday, 9 April, 2018

Pharmacy Students’ success at Univ. Pécs, Faculty of Pharmacy at Students’ Research Conference in 2018

The PTE ÁOK-GYTK Students’ Research Conference (TDK) was organized with the assistance of the TDK Committees of the two faculties in April 5-6, 2018. This year, three Pharmaceutical “classes” were launched indicating that both our students and our supervisors attach particular importance to the academic student work. At the conference, 18 pharmacy students participated, which is an increasing number of people compared to previous years. The students came across topics ranging from the variety of pharmaceutical R & D activities. This year our students were outstanding performers, and the jury was able to listen to high quality lectures. The students who received 1st and 2nd place in their class, they made their debut at the OTDK Conference in Debrecen in 2019.


Our results:

Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy


Virág Vörös, Supervisors: Dr. Miklós Poór assistant professor, Dr. Anna Zelma Faisal PhD student


Péter VajdaSupervisors: Prof. Dr. Lajos Botz professor, Dr. András Fittler associate professor


Attila Pánovics, Supervisors: Dr. Miklós Poór assistant professor, Dr. Violetta Mohos PhD student


Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug analysis, Pharmacognosy


Eszter Beatrix Garai, Supervisor: Dr. Imre Huber associate professor


Krisztina Ferenczi, Supervisor: Dr. Tímea Bencsik assistant professor


Tibor Rák (medical student), Supervisor: Dr. Györgyi Horváth associate professor


Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Surveillance, Quality Assurance


Gergő Kriszbacher, Supervisor: Dr. András Fittler associate professor


Adrienn Székely, Supervisor: Ámanné Dr. Anna Takácsi-Nagy junior lecturer


Nikolett Bárdonicsek, Supervisors: Dr. Aleksandar Széchenyi research professor (junior), Barbara Horváth PhD student

Congratulations on the successful performance of our students and thank you for the work of our supervisors, we wish you further results!


PTE GYTK Dean’s Leadership

PTE GYTK TDK Committee

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