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Pharmaceutical Innovation 2018 Conference - Conference Report

The Pharmaceutical Innovation 2018 Conference was organized by the Hungarian Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology Society (MFT), the MBKE Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Division and the Pharmaceutical Medicine Working Group on April 9-11 in Velence (Hungary). The event has made possibility for academic members and pharmaceutical researchers working in the field of pharmacology to get to know each other's special drug research methods and the latest drug development strategies. In addition, it was possible to establish contacts and collaborative opportunities. The results of the scientific research work were presented at four plenary sessions, seven thematic sessions and two poster sessions. At present, drug development focuses on Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and cardiovascular disease with some inflammatory disorders. The Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Pécs was represented by some members of the Research Group of the Department of Pharmacognosy (Dr. Györgyi Horváth associate professor, dr. Eszter Csikós PhD student, Lilla Viktória Balázs PhD student) and Dr. Krisztián Kvell, associate professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

The colleagues presented three poster presentations in connection with their own field of research, which were received with great interest by the drug developers.

Dr. Györgyi Horváth

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