Other news - Tuesday, 30 April, 2019

Students of PTE GYTK provided excellent results at OTDK event in this year

From 23 to 26 April 2019, the Medical and Health Sciences Section of National Students’ Conference (OTDK) was organized in Debrecen.

This year, 8 students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University Pécs (PTE GYTK) were delegated, and 5 of the students have been awarded:

Eszter Garai - I. place

supervisor: Dr. Imre Huber (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Ákos Szabó – special award (III. place)

supervisors: Dr. Miklós Poór, Dr. Eszter Fliszár-Nyúl (Dept. of Pharmacology)

Virág Vörös - special award (III. place)

supervisors: Dr. Miklós Poór, dr. Anna Zelma Faisal (Dept. of Pharmacology)

Adrienn Székely – special award (III. place)

supervisor: Ámanné, dr. Anna Takácsi-Nagy (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy)

Ramiz Hahighi - special award (III. place)

supervisors: Prof. Lajos Botz, Dr. András Fittler (Dept. of Pharmacy)


We congratulate to our students, we wish you further success. In addition, we express our thanks to the supervisors as well.

PTE GYTK Dean Leadership

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