Many visited the open day of the University of Pécs Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy

13 December 2023

The almost 1200 participants interested the open day hosted by the University of Pécs Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy filled the aula of the Old Main Building and the ultramodern lecture halls of the new building as well. The December 12 open day included professional lectures and interactive activities as well. The lecture of dr. Ádám Schlégl Pécs alumni, astronaut candidate, and orthopaedic-traumatology doctor was especially popular. He talked about the beauty of the medical profession and the challenges of astronaut training.

This year’s open day outgrew its previous framework. Aside from the aula of the Old Main Building, the aula of the ultramodern new building (handed over in 2021) were also filled with stands, where aside from departments, student organisations and other services awaited high school students. Visitors could try their hands at suturing, examine tissue samples with a microscope, practice resuscitation on dummies, mix various cremes and get information about scholarships and training programs.

“We could see from the online registration, that this year’s open day will have similar participation as last year’s: over a thousand people registered online. This number was increased by those who only registered at the venue. The final attendance was about 1200. Even more significant is the fact that the queue of participants prior to the 9am opening time started at the front door and ended all the way out on Szigeti street” – said dr. Zsófia Duga, head of the Marketing and Communication Department of the University of Pécs Medical School.

Aside from the ongoing programs, high school students could also attend lectures starting from 10am. First, they could gain insight in the lecture rooms of the new building into the pharmacy training, followed by lectures about the details of the dentistry course, biotechnology bachelor’s and master’s courses and the general medicine program.

Many attended the information session about the 2024/2025 admission procedure as well. However, the most anticipated event of the day was probably the presentation of dr. Ádám Schlégl astronaut candidate, orthopaedic-traumatology doctor, alumni of the Medical School. He graduated from the Pécs Medical School in 2013, and he is one of the four astronaut candidates who could conduct research on the International Space Station at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Kaposvár-born dr. Ádám Schlégl said that marking Pécs as his first preference in his applications back then was the best choice, and through his studies and scholarships a multitude of opportunities were opened to him. Speaking about his field of study – 3D methods in diagnostics, follow-ups and surgery planning for musculoskeletal disorders – he also mentioned the challenges and opportunities provided by modern technologies of the medical profession in the 21st century. He spoke highly of the simulation education in Pécs going on for almost a decade, mentioning the Medical Skills Development and Imaging Centre, handed over in November after a development costing two billion forints. It is now the most modern, leading skill lab in Hungary, and among the best in Central Europe as well.

The 34 year old doctor talked about what motivated him in becoming an astronaut candidate and what challenges he has to face during the selection process, and how incredibly taxing the preparation is for him and his three Hungarian peers. At the end of his speech, he emphasized for the students that they should believe in themselves and the goals they set for themselves, since withperseverance, resolve and diligence, even seemingly unreachable goals can be reached.

The gallery about the open day is available here:

The videos about the open day on December 12 will be available soon on the Youtube channel of the UP Medical School.


Dávid Verébi / UP MS