Get to know more about Medical School in Pécs, Hungary!

11 February 2022

Are you thinking about coming to learn general medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in Pécs, Hungary? Do you still have questions you are desparate to find an answer to? Would you like to receive first-hand information about our University and the life as a student in Pécs, Hungary provided by our lecturers and colleagues from the Admissions Office?

The UP MS and the Faculty of Pharmacy offer the opportunity to join online sessions, so called webinars to help applicants bring the best decision.

What is a webinar?

It is a seminar conducted over the internet.

We organize them monthly for anybody all over the world seeking a medical carrier. Those who are interested can register directly HERE  to our Zoom session.

Date: Friday, 25th February 12:00 - 13:00 PM (CET) - Please be aware of the different timezones. In Hungary we have Central European Timezone. 

These sessions last for about an hour. First you can hear a general introduction of the Medical University and the Faculty of Pharmacy, and also about university life in Pécs. You can find useful information on housing, sports you can do, or services we offer to our students. You get a broad insight into the life as a medical student. After that we have a little Q&A, where anybody can ask their questions and will get the most adequate answer from our instructors or colleagues.

Please do not hesitate to reserve a date.


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