High interest in the Undergraduate Research Society’s conference at the UP Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy

24 March 2022

The 2022 Undergraduate Research Society (TDK) conference of the Pécs Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy was organised on March 9-10, with over 160 presenters in 19 sections.

According to the organisers, over 140 presentations were handed in by medical, dental and pharmacy students in theoretical, clinical, pharmaceutical and dentistry topics. The competition was also open to high school students: “Science that Binds Us” tender’s evaluation committee chose 12 presentations that were shown in a separate section.

The event started at noon on March 9 with the opening ceremony in the Dean’s Conference Room. Following the ceremony, the presentation started in multiple locations; the professional jury and interested parties were able to attend them in the Medical School’s old and new building, the Rókus street building of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Mokka room of the Dental Clinic’s Dischka Győző street building.

As in previous years, the jury’s job was helped along by the educators of partner universities’ who are actively involved in pedagogy in student societies. Competing students had 10 minutes to present their topic (with a Prezi or PowerPoint slideshow), followed by 5 minutes for discourse.

The most popular sections proved to be those for high school students: many students were accompanied by their parents, and many of them were not from the county capital. The young presenters showed remarkable expertise during their high-quality presentations for their age, proving that the evaluation committee was correct in vouching for them. The organisers would like to continue with this trend and have high school students as participants of the in-house TDK competition in the future as well.

The ceremonial announcement of results was scheduled for March 10, 6:30pm. Detailed results by sections are available here; more information about student presentations and the evaluation committee can be found here.

The TDK conference was photographed by Dávid Verébi from the Medical School:


TDK: focused immersion in knowledge, and an opportunity for scholarship

Taking part in TDK or participating in undergraduate research is profitable for gradual students for multiple reasons. It allows them to take part directly in the research of departments and research workshops, granting them a focused view on certain specialties; moreover, they can compete in local and national TDK conferences. University of Pécs students attending national TDK conferences have been living up to the university’s fame for years: they have returned with 32 placements (among them eight first places) from the XXXV. National Undergradute Research Society Conference in 2021.

it is important to note that research results gained during TDK activities are an excellent foundation for compiling a successful medical thesis and for effective postgraduate (PhD) work. Moreover, if a student has been registered TDK member for at least half a year, they can register for the Undergraduate Research Activity subject for extra credits. According to the Medical School’s website, TDK students take part in the department/clinic’s education/research work and can apply for a demonstrator scholarship.


Dávid Verébi/UP MS