Dr. Krisztián Kvell received the PTE Innovation Award for a unique newborn diagnostic method

12 May 2023

This time Dr. Krisztián Kvell was awarded the Medical, Health and Life Sciences Innovation Award at the PTE Innovation Days 2023. The award was given for the result of the complete immune status determination from dried blood droplets, a neonatal diagnostic method developed in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

In some welfare states, this newborn immunodiagnostic screening is mandatory, while in other Western countries it is an option. It is not available in our country. Dr. Krisztián Kvell was encouraged by discussions with the Hungarian Society of Immunologists to work with Thermo Fisher Scientific to create an application adapted to an existing platform that can tell the condition of the bone marrow and the thymus gland from a drop of dried blood more accurately than any other available method. Thanks to this screening, a rare disease, immune deficiency, can be detected in the newborn.

„The Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ Absolute Q™ Digital PCR System is For Research Use Only.”