Report on the 2023 Conference of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy in Valencia

2 June 2023

For decades, the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP) has hosted an annual conference for European pharmacy schools, focusing on education and its development, but also presenting current research topics. For the first time, a delegation from Pécs participated in this event and represented the pedagogical development objectives of the Pécs training site by a conference poster, while Dr. Tünde Ambrus presented the experience of the last two years of our virtual mobility course developed within the EUDC project in a joint presentation with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Masayk University in Brno.

The conference focused on pharmacy, pharmacy practice and the sustainability of pharmacy education. The topic is a broad one, as there are many aspects of sustainability in pharmacy and it is the responsibility of pharmacy educators to see how they can contribute directly or indirectly to each of these aspects.

PTE GYTK staff, in collaboration with co-authors from the Medical School, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Undergraduate Research Society students, presented poster presentations and co-authored papers on the following topics:

  • International Co-operation in Course Development focused on the Online Pharmacy Market and Falsified Medicines
  • Evaluating Online Pharmacy Market participants in Germany: Analyzing Legal and Illegal Vendors with a brief comparisonto their Hungarian counterparts
  • A model for Interprofessional Pedagogical Knowledge Development in Pharmacy Education
  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Solutions in the Market of Online Medicines: Development of the Online Pharmacy Marketing Evaluation Toolkit

Summary by András Fittler and Ashraf Amir Reza