7 June 2023

On May 31-June 1, 2023 a meeting held in Pécs brought together researchers from the Medical University of Lodz and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pécs. The visit was part of the TWINNING program, the winners of which were the GATEKEEPER project team.

The meeting commenced with an engaging opening ceremony, where a rich discussion took place between the Acting Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, András Fittler and Professor Przemyslaw Kardas on the potential for partnerships between the two universities, followed by an interview with Kardas Professor about his scientific achievements and the GATEKEEPER project.

On the next day three representatives of the project at the Medical University of Lodz, three employees and one student of the University of Pécs joined the diverse group of attendees, contributing their expertise and knowledge to the discussions and presentations. The aim of the cooperation was the implementation of the Hungarian version of the ’Mindennapi Egészségem’ application.

Beyond the scientific program, the meeting organizers arranged various social activities to facilitate networking. Attendees had the chance to explore the beautiful city of Pécs, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Guided tour in the 3D Printing and Visualisation Center of the University of Pécs, and informal gatherings with the collegaues of Department of Pharmaceutics and Central Clinical Pharmacy and the Center for Health Technology Assessment and Pharmacoeconomic Research provided an informal setting for attendees to interact, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

Overall, the meeting in Pécs was an excellent opportunity to promote scientific advancement and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.