A new chapter opened by the Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy and Sanofi in the cooperation of education and healthcare

25 March 2024

A university classroom promoting innovation and creativity and stimulating more effective learning and sharing of knowledge while also functioning as a community space was constructed at the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy with the support of Sanofi. According to the intent of the institution and the pharmaceutical company, the new space with its extended functions can open a new chapter in cooperation of an innovative pharma company and a university. Sanofi has also strengthened its dedication to combining education and practical knowledge this way.

The atmosphere and comfort surrounding students in the room formed into a truly inspiring environment contributes to more effective learning and the formulation of new ideas. Special attention was paid during construction to ensure that the room would not only become a space or learning, but a true community space where students can meet, work together and share their knowledge.

During the renovation process, the room was furnished withequipment and furniture that support the interaction and cooperation of students.

For a company building on scientific results and research, this is a long-term investment, therefore supporting science and education is an important business factor as well. We are happy that a company renown worldwide, such as Sanofi, shares this view and actively participates in the training of future pharmacists” – said dr. András Fittler, dean of the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy at the celebratory handover of the room on March 22.

He added, that the cooperation of Sanofi and the University of Pécs lies on shared goals, and has a history of decades. Shared work does not only include internships, it is also implemented in other fields, strengthening the connection between national education and the pharmaceutical world.

The room, established in the K building in Rókus street now has a famous quote by Albert Szent-Györgyi painted on the wall: “Discovering something means seeing what everyone else sees, and thinking about what no one has thought of yet.”

Our goal with the cooperation is to show a model for combining practical knowledge and education,in which students get a complex image about the world of medicine production and development, and the opportunities within. Aside from practical training, interested students are offered development opportunities at Sanofi” – said Zoltán Kalotai, manufacturing excellence leader ad Sanofi at the event.

The pharmaceutical company places a large emphasis on training future generations, therefore they have maintained a strong connection with Hungarian universities for many years. The company has hosted many university students of pharmacological and chemistry courses for their practice placements. They actively conduct internships in other fields of business as well; right now, they have over 130 interns. In addition to the industrial areas, the company's commercial centre and its dynamic global service centre offer great opportunities to get a taste of the international world of a large global company in a variety of professional areas.

Sanofi does not only offer opportunities for practices, but also provides help for students in writing their theses with including mentors from the company. They are regular participants of university open days and job fairs, where interested students can have a peek int their work and get information directly about open positions. The internship program does not only offer gaining experience, but also paid leave and various trainings for participants, which is unique o the market. Last year, they have announced the first “Intern of the Year” award. The company often offers a permanent position for students at the end of their internships.

The renovation and handover of the new classroom and continuous cooperation are an important step towards the long-term goal of Sanofi, which is the development of the knowledge and skills of the next generation.

Dóra Domboróczky pharmacists, former intern and current employee at the company has shared her experiences about her time spent there at the handover event. As she said, she has not only learnt a lot about the pharmaceutical industry, but also about teamwork and problem solving, and the company mentor program has helped her to better understand the process of medicine development.



Lajos Kalmár