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Pécs is among the top 20 cities with university campuses in Europe

The Corriere della Sera is an Italian daily newspaper most widely read  published with the highest number of circulation. Its travel section  has recently published  the list of the best European university cities and to our greatest pleasure Pécs also got a place in it, among  cit-ies like Oxford, Manchester, Dublin, Bologna or Heidelberg.


The ranking of the best university cities was compiled on the basis of the Qs World University Ranking, the annual ranking of the Qs Best Student Cities and the evaluation of The Times Higher Education.

According to the article these cities can be characterized with rich cultural heritage, good reputation of the university and good quality of life. All of them are youthful, lively and innovative, but have a long-standing academic tradition. The university cities of the list are very different from one another, but there is one thing that links and makes them similar: they can combine the tradition and the future. “They are such places with souls and they can inspire.”


Pécs is located at the crossroads of West Europe and the Balkan and one of its strengths is cultural diversity - highlights the article. Pécs realized an integration model which involves the Hungarian, Serbian, Swabian and Croatian nationalities.

Since King Louis the Great established the predecessor of the first university in East- Central Europe in 1367, it has gone under several vicissitudes. For example it was closed under the Turkish Empire. The University of Pécs began its operation in its current form in 1912, but the Hungarian Royal Erzsébet University was relocated from Pozsony (Bratislava) to Pécs only in 1921. The editor mentioned as curiosity that Pécs also has one of the most respected Italian-Hungarian bilingual high school of the country. The early Christian tombs and painted burial chambers, remains of the most significant early Christian necropolis, extant outside Italy, has become a World Heritage site.


József Bódis, rector of the UP said about the appreciation:

"Of course we are partial to our city and our university, that is why it feels so good when an independent and international compilation highlights the values and virtues of the city and the university. It is a great honour that we are also at the top rankings and compilations among such university cities like Oxford, Bologna or even Heidelberg. These feedbac confirm that our aspirations concerning internationalization are realistic goals."

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