„Being a demonstrator is a bridge between students, teachers and education”

21 May 2024

“I can help students from other years as a student, while getting a glimpse into the teacher’s side of the university” – said Virág Ángyán, whose performance as a student demonstrator has been acknowledged at the spring assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators held on April 16 in the new theoretical building of the UPMS. At the same event, an award was given to dr. Ágnes Farkas university docent of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy, for her mentoring work.

Written by Hanga Kovács

The Circle of Demonstrators was established in 2015, and since then has been joined by 1020 students. This year, 189 students are participating in the program. Over 300 students are doing demonstrator work at various departments and clinics.

Being a demonstrator deepens studies by repetition and reinforcement, but it is also useful for the teacher in preparing, conducting and reviewing classes, while being motivating for the students in class. Similarly to the Undergraduate Research Society’s conference, it offers an opportunity for deeper insight into a subject, but also for getting to know the teachers of a subject better, and learning about didactic thinking.


Renumeration is given based on the number of completed credits for demonstrator work, the number of active semesters as a demonstrator and activities outside of Circle of Demonstrators for students of the Hungarian, English and German programs.

Virág Diána Ángyán fourth year pharmacy student had ranked 3rd place with her Circle of Demonstrators activities; this was her third semester as a demonstrator at pharmabotanics practices. her work is a great help for teachers and students while she also gets an insight into the teaching side of the university.

“Being a demonstrator is a bridge between students, teachers and education. Being taught by someone close to them in age is a great help for students, it is easier to build trust, and classes are more informal. My own skills as a presenter have also improved, and I will benefit from this at conferences later.” – She has also explained that she has participated in the Undergraduate Research Society Conference, where being a demonstrator was also a big advantage. She had the opportunity to meet with her supervisor more often, their progress with tasks was quicker and smoother, and cooperation was also easier. She also added that she had the opportunity to be in contact with international students, helping her develop her language skills.

I believe that joining the demonstrators would benefit everyone.” – said dr. Ágnes Farkas, docent at the Department of Pharmacognosy, mentor of Virág Ángyán. She was given an Excellent Mentor award at the assembly in April.

“Students working as demonstrators can get an insight into teaching and take their previously gained knowledge to a higher level, develop their presentation skills and creativity. Having our demonstrators participate in preparing, organising and implementing education plans is a great help for us teachers. Their fresh views, experience in the inline world and innovative ideas contribute to making the handover of knowledge more enjoyable and student-friendly”she said.


The Circle of Demonstrators allows both students and teachers to work together smoother, get to know each other in more informal classes, while they all develop professionally. The awardees and photos of the April assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators can be viewed here.