Erasmus Experience

„If someone is being hesistant, they should absolutely go,

 otherwise they would regret it forever.”


Says Hélène Manaut, a student from the University of Bordeaux, who went home recently after spending half a year with us at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Every year, we are proud to be the host of many incoming students. Our aim is to provide a complete experience. Here are the experiences of Hélène and Juliane Murcuillat.


I didn’t know a lot about the university of Pécs other than it would be an English program and that it was known for training a lot of foreign students, but I had many expectations before coming here. I wanted to improve my English skills and I wanted to travel to different countries of eastern Europe and meet people from all around the world.


„The Buddy system was very useful especially in the begining of the semester, they could explain to us how the faculty was working and had some tips for us. After that we got to know full-time students, so we were more enclined to turn to them for some advice or questions.

The main difference with my home country is that here you are expected to study all semester long because you need to pass some tests during the semester, where as in France you can study at your rythm and have to pass all of your exams at the end.”

“At the beginning it was a little difficult to follow the classes in English, but after it was ok and I took similar classes to what I already did in France, so it was easier. It was also difficult at the beginning to live every time with other people in the dorm without time alone but after we got to know each other and we had great times together in dorm and out.

 The functioning of the University is completely different than in Bordeaux. In Pécs students can have just 30min to eat lunch, they can choose their exam dates and there are midterm tests during the semester, while in France we have every exam in the end of the semester and we can’t choose the dates. I think, in Pécs, the program is vast and the teachers go quickly, they see in the semester what we see in one year in Bordeaux, it must be hard for full-time students.”

„From the beginning, I was really well informed; there was the first information meeting in the University and another organized by the ESN organization. During the semester there was a lot of event organized by ESN, such as: a big travel in Balkans (we saw in five days five cities in Croatia and two in Bosnia), parties, country presentations (each Thursday two different countries presented its country and  its local foods), hiking, athletic events, quiz etc… They did a really really really good work!”

„I think that one of the best thing was the community created within the dormitory.

One of the first memories I have from my stay in Pécs is from the start of the semester when the weather was still nice and everyone met outside of the dormitory and started sharing stories with one another in huge circles. Sometimes, we would play some card games in the evening when we were too tired to party but still wanted to spend time with each other.”

„The best thing during my Erasmus is my friends (especially my roommates), I met a lot of people from different countries, I created big links and I’m sure that we will keep in touch each other. I saw different cultures and I tried different local foods (goulasch, breaded chicken cutlet), dances, languages. I took hungarian classes, it was very usefull.  I really like the “goulash” in Pecs and the TV tower (see the picture).

 I like Pécs because it’s a little city but there are lots of things to do, for example there are very good restaurants, bars, clubs, museums etc… Pécs is also close to big cities, we went to Szeged and to Budapest for Halloween, it was very beautiful!”

„I would absolutely recommend other students to participate in an exchange progam for many reasons, but the main one is the people. Each person we met in the Erasmus program or full-time students had some different experiences to share, some habits that would seem kind of funny to you, because you are not used to them, but are very common in other countries.  They tell you what’s from your country that is popular in theirs, what they see your country as before they get to know you. This experience really allows you to broaden your horizons and you can be sure you will a place to stay wherever you want to travel because everyone you met and got to know would be pleased to welcome you in their city and show you around.”

„For me, Erasmus + is the best experience of my life! I really really really recommend this exchange to other people! At the beginning it may sound scary but you have to go! You will not regret it! I think it’s a big opportunity. I would like to thank to the University of Bordeaux and University of Pécs without whom this adventure wouldn’t be possible. And I would like to thank also the ESN organization which allowed me to integrate well in Pécs.”